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Does seeing a psychiatrist mean I'm crazy?

No. In 2016, 1 in 15 Americans experienced depression at least once, and this number was approaching 1 in 9 for ages 18-25. Yet, almost 40% did not or could not access treatment. 

The stigma of mental health is strong and pervasive. We don't think twice to see a primary care doctor when dealing with an ailment, or an orthopedist for a fracture. Mental health issues lie on a spectrum and may be transient one-off events, recur from time to time, or be chronic, just like all other medical issues.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist/therapist?

Psychiatrists (MD or DO) are physicians who have completed medical school and further specialized training in mental health. Other therapists are not physicians, rather have completed other training programs and have degrees such as MFT/LMFT, SW/ASW/MSW/LCSW, PsyD, PhD, etc.

All may be great options for therapy. The biggest difference plays out in psychiatrists' ability to prescribe medications and understanding of medical/surgical/neurological issues that bidirectionally affect mental health given our medical training.

What ages do you treat?

18 and older

Forms of payment?

Payment is by credit card (any accepted by Stripe). Payments are integrated into the patient portal of my electronic medical record system.

Will my insurance reimburse?

I am an out-of-network provider for insurance plans. I will provide a receipt (superbill) for each visit, which you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please ask your insurance provider for details and reimbursement rates.

What if I miss or last-minute cancel my appointment?

Please understand that given my limited clinic hours, no-shows and late cancellations unfairly prevent others from receiving treatment. No-shows will be charged the full session rate, and will be due at the start of the next appointment. Cancellations will be accepted until 48 hours in advance, after which the above no-show policy will apply.

Is treatment limited to Japanese/Japanese-Americans?

Absolutely not. If you think you may benefit from treatment and are interested, please give me a call.

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